Who is that guy?

Todd Pernsteiner grew up in Central Wisconsin on a small dairy farm. The youngest of 11, his mother always said his older siblings spoiled him … and admittedly, he was. He had a great childhood, always entertaining the neighborhood.

As a child, Todd loved to write shows and commercials, and he loved to direct and perform. He would cast cousins and neighbors to star in circuses and musicals at his house. In high school, he played percussion in band and acted in a number of theatre productions. During and after college, he took a hiatus from performing to start and grow his design business.

Since 1999, Todd has been the president and creative director of Pernsteiner Creative Group, an award-winning design and marketing firm. Design has always been something he's been passionate about and thrives on helping clients visually tell stories.

Performing has always been a passion as well. In the early 2000s, after attending a number of Brave New Workshop shows, he got the itch to perform again. He got up the nerve to take an introductory improv class at BNW’s school and instantly fell in love with it. After five levels of classes, he auditioned and was cast in the BNW’s school show: “Six Ring Circus.” Some years later he joined the “Friday Night Stage Match” troupe. After that show closed, he joined a troupe for a show called “Improv Happy Hour” at the Phoenix Theater.

Along with performing, he immersed myself in seeing shows at Brave New Workshop and Huge Theater in Minneapolis, as well as Second City in Chicago and Hollywood, and The Groundlings in LA. He's always thought “what if I tried going to LA to pursue work in the entertainment industry?”

And so it began. In December of 2016, Todd took a trip to LA to pursue his dream of performing and writing for entertainment.

Next Steps...

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